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Do you want to:
  • Save cassette recordings of (family) events you cherish to CD or MP3?
  • Record your LP's and 45's that have been stuck on the attic for ages to CD?
  • Play your favorite cassettes or vinyl LPs on the CD player in your car or on your MP3 player?
  • Protect your LP and cassette collection from deterioration?
  • Record any audio source on your PC?

Transmit your tapes and LPs to CD quickly and easily with the Magic Audio Recorder. You can try it 7 times for free. Once you’ve transmitted your LPs and cassettes on CDs, you can play them everywhere you like.

What can the Magic Audio Recorder do for you?
  • Record your cassettes and LPs to CD or MP3, WMA
  • Record anything you can hear through your PC speakers on your PC
  • Reduce noise from your tape recordings
  • Enhance overall sound quality with our equalizer

Our software is user-friendly according to our 18.000 users, as they selected “Ease of use” as the nr 1 feature in a recent survey.

Users' comments:
Join 18.000 Magic Audio Recorder users who are saving their recordings like Paul Sweed from Kentucky USA:

"Thanks for a fine and easy to use program. Even my kids (9 and 12 years old) use it at home.";

Or Michael Fine from Pennsylvania USA:

“What an amazing program for the price. For the record, I'm a Grammy Award winning recording producer with tons of pro-gear. I use Magic Audio Recorder for numerous home applications (and occasionally for pro ones as well!).";

Or David Glick from Arizona USA:

"I am absolutely thrilled with your program! It was everything I needed to record my father's old cassettes to cds. Loved the timer function, and the splitting of the tracks - makes recording of cds a lot easier.
Thank you very much!"


Main Screenshots of Magic Audio Recorder:

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Magic Audio Recorder
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