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Extract all elements from SWF file

Magic Flash Decompiler is professional SWF decompiling software which offers a treasure trove of tools for those who want to extract elements from flash movies, edit dynamic texts and images of flash movies. You can effortlessly convert between EXE and SWF files. Similar to other utilities in this genre, Magic Flash Decompiler allows you to extract SWF elements such as image, shape, sound, font, text, button, sprite, script and frame from any SWF file. It works without a hitch, and in our test, the program shows good speed.
This program is designed to virtually anyone who needs to extract elements from flash movies, just buy it and let Magic Flash Decompiler do more with your flash decompiling.

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With Magic Flash Decompiler you can:
  • Complete SWF into EXE conversion
  • Extract all elements of any SWF movie
  • Export data to rebuild FLA files
  • Modify SWF files and edit images, dynamic texts
  • Display detailed information of SWF or EXE file
  • And much more!