About Magic Video Converter

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Updated Magic Video Converter Can Catch Your Eyes!
Magic Video Converter has a huge updates now! In order to feed back our customers, we collected multiple suggestions given by our customers to discuss and research. At last, we add two helpful functions: preview movie window and split window.

The preview movie window is fit for users who want to view video directly after finishing converting. It's convenient for users to have a try.

Still we updated the split function. Based on the former split function, we add a pop-up window to split files. Users can split files by hand or leave it as automatic splitting. At splitting manually part, users can watch the movies' content, and split files at any beginning of a story, instead of remembering the time of the episode.

This updated version is really worth your trying!
Convert Video Among Most Used Popular Formats
Like many other applications on the scene, Magic Video Converter simply converts video among most used popular formats.

The attractive interface can't be resized but still makes transforming video clips among AVI, MPEG, WMV, and RM formats very simple. After you add a file to the main window and choose your preferred codec, you can select from a number of presets, depending on your desired quality and purpose. For example, when outputting to WMV, you can choose a setting based on whether the clip will be downloaded over a broadband connection or viewed on a PDA.

Magic Video Converter can work with multiple files at once, although the trial version places a watermark on them. If you don't need extra video-editing powers, such as splitting, merging, or audio extraction, you'll probably like this program for its ease of use and flexibility.